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Chief Executive Officer

Mike Wieck

CEO, Director of Administration

Founded Mike Wieck Sales in 1979 after extensive retail and manufacturing experience. Active in all agency facets and interaction with principle manufacturers. Broad North American hunting experience and expertise brought to bear on hunting market analysis and trends in the hunting community. As Director of Administration, Mike Wieck manages daily operations for the MWS main office, including production of all interagency sales reports for all principles, and is the key decision maker on new principles to be represented and the agency’s direction.

A Life Member of SCI, Boone and Crockett Club, The Grand Slam Club, and The North American Wild Sheep Federation.


Email Bill: mike@mws-reps.com





Executive Management



Mike Bergeron

Vice President of Sales
Covering: Michigan

Mike joined Mike Wieck Sales in 1986 after an extensive career in retail sales including senior buyer and store manager responsibilities. High quality analyst of market trends for all levels of retail trade.

As Vice President of Sales, works directly with Vice Presidents and CEO to set direction of company; working directly with principals to design online programs, print and electronic sales tools and website management, design of principles’ sales programs, and national buying group programs.


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Kurt Bassuener

Vice President of Marketing
Covering: National Accounts

Kurt has been a manufacturers' representative since 1989, servicing all market levels. A mail order, national chain and internet retailer specialist with exceptional systems analyst skills, Kurt has become highly adept at assessing needs of his accounts and manufacturers to insure continued sales success in an extremely vital market component. As Vice President of Marketing, he is responsible for collating Regional Manager input regarding specific territory market trends and communicating those trends directly to principals; compiling of Regional Manager feedback on prospective manufacturers and making initial contacts with prospective new principals.

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Bill Goodreau

Director of Sales
Covering: Minnesota

Bill has extensive experience from the archery retail sales perspective, having worked at retail through his college career, then managing one of the largest volume archery pro shops in the upper Midwest from 1992 to 1994, joining Mike Wieck Sales in 1995. As Director of Sales he is an expert at sales, service and marketing to all levels of trade, including mail order, major chain, internet retailing and independent dealer accounts, and brings that expertise to critical problem solving for all Mike Wieck Sales principle manufacturers.


Email Bill: bill@mws-reps.com


Regional Sales Managers



John Volkman

Regional Sales Manager

An avid sportsman, John joined Mike Wieck Sales in 1999 after an extensive career in retail sales management, working with one of the largest sporting good chains in the Midwest from 1989 to 1999. Along with assistant store manager responsibilities, John did the buying for all hunting/gun related areas. This work experience has given John an exceptional technical and practical knowledge of product and an important edge on market trends. John is a specialist at media analysis and has proven a strong advisor to his principles’ marketing departments regarding online video and TV advertising.


Email John: john@mws-reps.com

Adam Flod

Regional Sales Manager

Adam has molded his broad experience in the archery and hunting business into an award winning career, with expertise across all levels of trade, from dealer base to the biggest distributors and national chains in the market. Starting in archery retail in 1996, he rose to the manager and buyer position of one of the largest archery shops in the nation and has been with Mike Wieck Sales since 1998. He has worked as a guide for elk and mule deer outfitters in the west for both archery and rifle hunters. His commitment to the outdoors is reflected in his memberships and board positions to several hunting and conservation groups, including past service to the Blue Mountain Chapter of Safari Club International as President and currently on the board of the Lehigh Valley SCI chapter. Adam’s passion for the hunting sport is reflected in every detail of his work.


Email Adam: adam@mws-reps.com


Dustin Youtz

Regional Sales Manager

Dustin joined Mike Wieck Sales in 2016 after many years of retail and pro shop service experience. Dustin worked at a major retailer in central Pennsylvania as well as serving on the MWS Pro Staff where he was awarded MWS Prostaffer of the year. Dustin has a tremendous love for the outdoors and preserving our hunting heritage. His passion lead him to serving on many hunting conservation boards including NWTF and QDMA, where he is the local branch President.


Email Dustin: dustin@mws-reps.com













Brad Snyder

Regional Sales Manager

A manufacturer’s representative since 1991, Brad has been in sales since 1989, first with VanDyne-Crotty of Indianapolis, then the Tru-Marketing independent sales rep agency, and finally Mike Wieck Sales. He has polished skills in all facets of representing manufacturers, including scheduling and promoted various trade, distributor, and dealer shows, complete management of multi-state territory for all accounts, accurate reporting of competitor information, and is on the cutting edge of utilizing internet media as a sales tool with his personal website.


Email Brad: brad@mws-reps.com

Tim Humphreys

Regional Sales Manager

Tim is a seasoned manufactures rep, having worked at that level in the MINK states for 5 years before coming to Mike Wieck Sales in 2002. Tim’s bow hunting, rifle hunting, waterfowl, and target shooting background bring invaluable product applications knowledge to his work, and practical skills that create instant credibility with his customer base.

Email Tim: tim@mws-reps.com




Brian Cassium

Regional Sales Manager

Brian joined Mike Wieck Sales in 2014 representing the company in the New England territory. From 2003-2014 Brian was a retail and category manager for a high volume nationwide outdoor retailer. Brian brings extensive in-depth experience from planning and executing scores of promotions and retail sales events. The outdoors have always been a hands on passion for Brian, which is why he maintains an active membership in multiple local and national hunting and wildlife preservation organizations. Brian’s dealers benefit daily from his leadership and management experience.


Email Brian: cazz@mws-reps.com

Josh Byrd

Regional Sales Manager

Josh joined Mike Wieck Sales in 2006 with extensive hands on experience in hunting and archery but more importantly, experience from the retail sales world that proved invaluable as a training ground for his move to a manufacturer’s representative position. He has been on our customers’ side of the counter at Bowhunters Warehouse, Deer Valley Sporting Goods in Pennsylvannia and Cabela’s in Michigan to name just a few.  Byrd spent some time in the financial planning industry after college, but his love of hunting and bows lured him back into the hunting business and ultimately to MWS Inc.


Email Josh: josh@mws-reps.com





Cody Bassuener

Regional Sales Manager

All throughout high school Cody was involved in many Conservation and Wildlife classes and helped teach about the importance of hunting, how to process wild game,  conservation as a whole and the importance of it to his fellow students. He has been a valuable MWS Pro staffer at countless retail events since age 10. Cody studied at Moberly Area Community College in Columbia Missouri, earning an Associate’s Degree in Ag Business. Up until coming on with MWS he was a manager at Bourn Feed and Supply in Columbia, Missouri where he managed day to day operations, as well as handling the buyer’s position and overseeing deliveries. Cody is an avid hunter and archer who shot competitive 3D archery for a number of years, when he had spare time that is, which wasn’t too often of late- Cody and his wife Courtney, enjoy training horses for clients and in the past had raised cattle on their farm in Missouri.


Email Cody: cody@mws-reps.com

Seth Stevens

Regional Sales Manager

Born, raised and still a resident of Nottingham, New Hampshire, Seth fell in love with bow hunting there at the age of ten and never looked back.  He comes to Mike Wieck Sales with as intensive experience in archery retail as one can get, having managed one of the largest pro shops in the New England area for 25 years. His technical expertise at the bow workbench is nationally renown and he has been a seminar speaker for a number of years at the Archery Trade Association national dealer show.  Prior to his long tenure in retail sales,  Stevens pursued a professional baseball career and was one of the top catching prospects coming out of high school, so he is no stranger to competition and what it takes to excel. His background and knowledge brings a wealth of focused information to his growing dealer base.


Email Seth: seth@mws-reps.com


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World Class Sales Representation

At Mike Wieck Sales, we have been providing World Class sales representation, marketing and product development support to the sporting goods industry since 1979.


With Mike Wieck Sales, you get more than a sales force. You get a team built on the belief that ultimately, people drive business and that face-to-face beats any other means to a sale. It is how Mike Wieck Sales started and how it succeeded. We continue to live by that standard every day!