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Providing World Class Sales Representation, Marketing and Product Development Support to the Sporting Goods Industry Since 1979

Front Row - Mike Bergeron, Bill Goodreau, Mike Wieck, Tim Humphreys and Dustin Youtz.

Back Row - Glen Hotchkiss, Josh Byrd, Cody Bassuener, Adam Flod,Brian Cassium, John Volkman, Brad Snyder, SethStevens and Kurt Bassuener







Who We Are

MWS began back in 1979 with the simplest of formats- one salesman specializing in archery and hunting with a few factories represented and a multi-state sales territory managed out of the Wieck home office. No fax machine, no cell phone. Set appointments, get in the car and go.

The point can be made that MWS Inc growth is parallel to that of many of the client accounts and principle manufacturers the agency has now served for multiple decades- from modest beginnings, growing and maturing into cutting edge, industry leaders.

Evolving from this small start, MWS Inc is now an interconnected agency serving 24 states, Canada and International accounts with 11regional offices. Virtually every legitimate hunting industry retailer at all levels of trade- Distributor, Mass Retailer, Mail Order, National and Regional Chain, Internet Retailer, Buy Group Member and Independent Dealer is served by MWS Inc. and is a part of our contact database. Part of our family, really

Because of the broad band of our network, the strength of our relationships with our customers and the expertise of our personnel, we can correctly read trends and performance early, whether it be competitor, product, marketing, advertising, display or graphics based, or a regional specific product or trend that our principles need to be aware of. As well, Mike Wieck Sales has been instrumental in guiding a number of our principle companies in their selection of print, TV and social media advertising and in logo, flyer, catalog and advertising campaign development. And we know product. Our imprint is on countless successful new product offerings brought to market over the years by our represented companies. Many of them come to us first before ever getting past the prototype, blueprint or even simply, the idea. Trust is huge. Trust is earned.

So with Mike Wieck Sales, you get more that a sales force. Temper that, however, with our plan for the future - still straightforward and simple- that amidst all the cutting edge sales management tools, social media, visual impact marketing, programs, analysis and reports, nothing happens, nothing grows unless a product is presented for sale to a potential buyer, and presented live and in person. We still believe that ultimately, people drive business and that face to face beats any other means to a sale. It is how Mike Wieck Sales started and how it succeeded. We continue to live by that standard every day.


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World Class Sales Representation

At Mike Wieck Sales, we have been providing World Class sales representation, marketing and product development support to the sporting goods industry since 1979.


With Mike Wieck Sales, you get more than a sales force. You get a team built on the belief that ultimately, people drive business and that face-to-face beats any other means to a sale. It is how Mike Wieck Sales started and how it succeeded. We continue to live by that standard every day!